Modnet File Archives
This page provides our users with some of the more commonly downloaded programs & files, to save you searching the internet and having to download them at a slower speed than what you would get locally.

If there is a large file on our server that you need, we can put it on a cd for $5. To have a cd made email the webmaster  and specify what you want on the cd and we will organize it for you to come in and pick up.

Modnet FTP Server
All of the below downloads are also available on our FTP Server (

Ad-aware SE Personal Edition v1.05 2.5Mb Ad-aware identifies and removes spyware related applications.
Lavasoft's VX2 Cleaner 600Kb Ad-aware, VX2 Cleaner add-on.
Spybot S&D v1.3 4.2Mb Spybot identifies and removes spyware related applications.
HijackThis v1.99 180Kb

HijackThis is a general homepage hijacker, detector and remover.

WinACE v2.5 3.4Mb Powerful archiver, offers better compression than WinZIP.
WinRAR v3.42 1.1Mb An very powerfull archiving alternative to WinZIP.
WinZIP v 9.0 SR-1 2.3Mb Most common, easiest to use file archiver.
Gsplit v1.8 1.2Mb A file-splitting utility that takes large files and splits them into smaller parts.
Firefox v1.0 4.7Mb Allows you to browse the internet faster, more safely and more efficiently.
Mozilla v1.6 12Mb Small and lightweight browser. (now called Firefox)
Netscape Navigator v 7.1 29Mb Version 7.1 of Netscape Navigator.
Opera v7.54 17Mb Opera is a fast, user-friendly, internet browser that also includes a newsreader.
Internet Explorer v6.0 SP1 479Kb Version 6.0 SP1 of Internet Explorer. (installer only)
mIRC32 v6.16 1.2Mb A very popular IRC client.
ICQ Pro 2003b 4.5Mb A handy little program that lets you see if friends are online and chat with them.
Xchat v2.0.10c 1.8Mb Xchat is an IRC client for UNIX operating systems.
IncrediMail Xe 6.5Mb An email program that lets you take full control over what your emails look like.
Eudora Lite v6.2 8.0Mb Free version of Eudora email client.
Pegasus Mail v4.21c 4.5Mb Free, and very nice email client.
DivX Video Bundle v5.2.1 7.0Mb DivX Video bundles together the DivX Player and DivX codecs.
DirectX v9.0c 33Mb DirectX 9 is necessary for running the majority of games and other media software.
ACDSee v7 14.8Mb Find, organize, edit, print and share your pictures instantly.
Lview Pro 2004 7.2Mb Very powerful image viewer.
Absolute FTP v2.2.8 2.7Mb FTP program with a simple Explorer-like interface and advanced features.
Absolute CRT v4.1.9 2.7Mb An easy to use, highly customizable terminal emulator for Windows.
Adobe Acrobat Reader v7.0 20Mb Allows you to view, navigate, browse, and print PDF files.
Apple Quicktime v6.5.1 12Mb Required to view Apple Quicktime files.
ModNet Setup 640Kb The ModNet setup utility configures your internet and email settings for you.
EasyMTU v3.0 360Kb Speeds up your internet connection through changes to your registry.
PowerPoint 2003 Viewer 1.9Mb View Powerpoint files without Microsoft Powerpoint.
Xnews v5.04.25 700Kb The best free newsreader on the market.
Zone Alarm v5.0.590.403 4.9Mb Easy-to-use firewall blocks hackers and other unknown threats.
EditPad Lite v 5.3.0 1.0Mb EditPad Lite is a free, small, lightweight, general-purpose text editor.
Editplus v2.12 900Kb EditPlus is an Internet-ready 32-bit text editor.
Note Tab Lite 1.75Mb A free Notepad replacement, feature-rich text editor, and HTML editor.
UltraEdit v10.20b 3.5Mb Most powerful, value priced text editor available.
Flashget v1.60a 1.6Mb Very powerful download manager.
Getright v5.10 2.9Mb Another powerful download manager.
AceHTML v5.08.5 3.5Mb This is a free, powerful HTML editor designed both for novices and professional.
Core FTP Lite v1.3a 2.2Mb A free FTP client for personal use with all the features of a professional FTP client.
Dreamweaver MX 2004 98.5Mb Excellent GUI, the same program we use to write our webpages.
DHTML Menu Builder v4.9 6.9Mb Create professional looking Javascript menus for your web sites.
SWiSH v2.01 4.4Mb Program for making flash movies, menus, buttons and intros.
Tarantula v1.99 3.5Mb An easy to use WYSIWYG HTML editor with full pixel-level layout control.
Homesite v5.5 18Mb

HomeSite 5.5 provides a lean, code-only editor for web development.

Beagle virus removal tool 1.4Mb Removes the W32.Beagle.Worm virus.
Blaster virus removal tool 130Kb Removes the W32.Blaster.Worm virus.
Happy virus removal tool 208Kb

Removes the Happy99.Worm virus.

Swen virus removal tool 180Kb Removes the W32.Swen.A@mm virus.
Netsky virus removal tool 150Kb Removes the W32.Netsky@mm virus.
Sasser virus removal tool 150Kb Removes the W32.Sasser virus.
Quicktime Alternative v1.33 7.3Mb A free player that will allow you to play QuickTime files.
Real Alternative v1.23 5.6Mb A free player that will allow you to play RealMedia files.
WinAmp v5.08 4.5Mb Very popular, free media player for Windows.
Windows Media Player v9.0 13.3Mb Windows Media Player for Win98SE, ME and 2000.
Windows Media Player v10 12Mb Windows Media Player for Windows XP.

Last updated on 6th October 2004