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Check Your Account Usage
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 Dial-up Numbers
Australia Wide 0198 331 609

It is the responsibility of the user to check to make sure the number they are dialing up is a local call from their area. To find out if the number you are dialing is a local call, please contact your telephone service supplier.

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Frequently Asked Questions
I can connect to Modnet, but can't bring up any web pages.
In this situation, you want to make sure that your computer is set to connect using a modem. To do this, right click on you Internet icon on your desktop, click on properties, click on the connection tab. Under the connection tab make sure that it is set to connect using a modem.

I 'm having trouble with WebMail.
Please make sure you are typing your username and password in lowercase letters. Your username should be between 3-30 characters long. Click here to access Modnet WebMail.

How do I create my own website?
There are several ways you can create a web page. The most popular programs to use are MS Front Page and MS Publisher.

A few things to note when creating your web page:

1. Ensure the home page is called index.html
2. Keep all file names in lowercase

Once you have created a web page the next step is to publish it to our server so everyone can access it. We allow 20Mb of web space on our server for each user. To activate your free web space, please contact us and we will enable this for you. You will need to use an FTP program to transfer your web page to our server. Logon to our FTP server ( using your internet username and password and upload your pages into the folder "www" in your home directory.
Once it is uploaded you should be able to access it in your browser as:
You must have the ~ before your username.

Can I have two email addresses?
Yes, Modnet allows its members to operate up to 5 email addresses from the one account. Please contact us if you wish to setup any additional email addresses.

Why do I get randomly disconnected?
It is possible that you have call waiting turned on, when a call comes in with call waiting turned on, your modem will usually drop the connection. To turn off call waiting you need to dial #43# from your phone before connecting to the internet. To turn it back on you need to dial *43#

Why do I get disconnected after I check my email?
Your email program is setup to make a new connection when downloading for email and / or to disconnect afterwards. To fix this, set these options in outlook express.
Click on Tools - Options - Connection Tab. Tick - Ask before switching dial-up connections. Untick - Hangup after sending and recieving.

What is FTP?
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is used to transfer files between two computers over the internet. This is also the program used to upload your web pages to our server.
There are several FTP programs that you can use. A couple of popular ones are FTP Explorer and Cute FTP both available from our file archive .They are used in a very similar fashion to windows explorer.

Contact Support
If the above information hasn't answered your questions please contact us for more information.